Old Mates Place

Image Sourced: https://theupsider.com.au/old-mates-place-sydney-rooftop/13843

Hidden in an old, what appears to be office building located in Clarence Street Sydney is a beautiful two story bar that is decked out in the most amazing decor.

With a bar menu and a cocktail list that will make you want to stay forever, this amazing place definitely has to be on your list to visit!

There are stairs you can walk up or an elevator that will get you to the top.

Do note: It will feel like you're in the wrong place when you arrive, but don't let that scare you off.


Opening Hours;

Monday: CLOSED Tuesday: 4pm - 2am Wednesday: 4pm - 2am

Thursday: 4pm - 2am

Friday: 12pm - 2am

Saturday: 2pm - 2am

Sunday: 2pm - 2am

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